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Victoria De Mare
- A 'Terror Titan' continuing to dominate the Horror and Sci-Fi Film World!

Victoria is the star of 'Killjoy 3', 'Contagion' aka 'Bio Slime', & 'Werewolf In A Women's Prison'. The first single "World's On Fire", from her debut album Actress, premiered on network radio Sirius XM on January 22, 2011. Download "World's On Fire" from the Digital Marketplace of your choice Today!


Her second single, "Rock, Rock, Rock 'N Roll" world premiered on El Sotano De Radio 3 in Madrid, Spain, on March 17th 2011, and continues to rock in Spain as well as on in Austin, TX.

Her third single, "Let Me Touch You" World Premiered on WFMU 91.1FM (NYC metro area) on May 1st, 2011, making that three radio singles before the release of the album.

Victoria's debut album Actress will be released on the Mobile Network in Greater China to 800 million subscribers, as well as the Digital Marketplace of your choice worldwide June 2011.

In addition to her solo work as a vocalist, Victoria also sings lead vocals in Black Room Doom, an all girl punk rock group created and produced by the legendary Grammy-nominated, platinum selling record producer and songwriter, Kim Fowley. Selections from debut album Black Room Doom are currently playing on Stench Radio, out of Los Angeles, and Triple R Radio FM in Melbourne, Australia. Download the Debut Album on the Digital Marketplace of your choice Summer 2011!

Victoria is also a professional dancer and former member of several national dance companies including the Joffrey Ballet, St. Croix Ballet and the Hart Pulse Dance Company. She is also a professional, published model in several national and international magazines.

Victoria hosted and produced the live morning talk show "The Chat Cafe with Victoria" on the SKY Channel to 3 million viewers in the UK and Europe, number one in it's time slot.

Victoria talks about Stench Radio and her place in the punk rock world

"I came to worship Stig Stench on because my record producer, Kim Fowley, had sent Stig some selections from my band's album Black Room Doom as well as my solo album Actress, and Stig began to play them on his show. I was honored!!!! I couldn't believe this Radio God was actually playing my work! He rules and so does!"

"I continue to keep the Punk Rock love alive and make an impact in my community of Los Angeles by recording with Kim Fowley. Kim Fowley is Punk Rock to me and his new 21st century punk rock is going to blow your fucking mind!"

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