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What brought you to Stench Radio? How did you discover us?

I want to do the radio show with my band, Hear Kitty Kitty. I'd heard of the show and went to go check it out

What do you love the most about Stench Radio?

cool music and cool upcoming bands

How do you personally make an impact on your local punk rock community?

i am the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of hear kitty kitty. we try to b a band that, in addition to great music, we do our own show called, "one band army" about a band that cares enough to make a difference in the world starting with itself. our first 2 shows were for the Eagles Lodge in Redondo Beach. We raised 500$ for them. They are a non profit that works to provide $ for charities such as the Max Baer Heart Foundation and Jimmy Durante Children's Fund.

Our third show was for the LA Mission to feed the homeless. We raised 300$, 8 bags of canned food and 1 bag of clothes

And our fourth show was for the American Red Cross where we raised 300$ total to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami and were awarded a plaque~ which I'm very proud of.

We are all about having a voice in "hear kitty kitty" and trying to use it to make a difference in our community.

Tell us a little about yourself, what makes YOU Stench Babe material? Spare no juicy details, we want it all!

I sing, I act, I model, I bartend. I'm endorsed by Jackson Guitars and have my own signature guitar pick. I used to be a full time lingerie and bikini model. Currently I spend most of my time working and writing in Hear Kitty Kitty and being a promotional model for Hint Water. I like Stench radio and think it would be cool to b a Stench Babe and get my band, Hear Kitty Kitty, on your show. Check out some of my work at the links below:

xo kitty xo

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