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Birdy I grew up in Southern California and been around the music scene for many moons. I'm a fan of music, a multimedia artist and a video editor and director. I'm the executive producer and director of Songbird Videos and partner of PNX NEWS (Punx News) with Casey Royer from D.I. I've worn many hats, from promoting shows at Churchill's Pub in Miami, Florida with Mother Henry Productions and in LA with 2 Catz Productions at various venues. I've produced and directed music videos for 45 Grave, Wrong Beach, The Smut Peddlers, The F@GZ, Symbol Six, The Yeasty Boys and Battalion of Saints. I worked for tabloids in the graphics and production dept for several years such as the Hermosa Beach Reporter, Palos Verdes Peninsula News, Newport Beach 714, and Beverly Hills 213 Magazine. I currently do a Comedy News show called PNX NEWS (Punx News) with Casey Royer playing Roberta Bird with Karl C. Boyer (Casey Royer) News Anchor. We use humor to promote punk bands, artists, shows and websites with skits and cameos from all your favorite punk stars and original animation with our character Sid Aidet. We deliver the news our way. I'm also a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Dept. and first and foremost a mom of the raddest little girl on earth!

I love Stench Radio; it is the epitome of DIY. It is the punk and underground music communities' voice. It's an extended family and a meeting place for creative voices and fans of music all over the world. Inside of me is a, an artist, an anarchist, a fanatic, a groupie, a clown, a weirdo, a punk, a person looking for a connection with her kind. Behind a keyboard and a monitor, meeting with like minded people and make friends all over the world. To enjoy music and to encourage artists to keep making their music, and know we appreciate it. Music makes life more beautiful. Stench Radio and Stig makes a great forum to connect with these like minded people, to hear from the artists with his great interviews, and to tell the artists how much we love them with messages from the chat room. We appreciate all you do Stig!

Viva Stench radio!! We must support it and keep it alive!

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