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Stig Stench

Stig Stench The founder and Big Daddy of Stench Radio, Stig's show is what got it all started. Punk and hardcore is the bread and butter of the show but keep an eye out for those rare surprises. Stig does a regular show most nights of the week, plus interviews with legends and luminaries of punk rock.

Stench Nation Blog - Read Stig's Blog and Stench Radio Playlists

Doug Disgust - "Hours of Disgust"

Disgust Doug Disgust fronts the band Civil Disgust.

Along with his bandmate Jeff Disgust, he hosts the show "Hours of Disgust", spinning punk and hardcore.

DJ Nufan - "Hope You Hate It? ...You Deserve It!"

Nufan plays old school punk,local punk,metal,cowpunk,thrash,hardcore,all over the road ... Let's let him tell it himself:

Well the story goes as is .. after being found under a rock and raised in the high desert of California my love of music came about in the late 70's listening to my brothers 8 tracks and records of Kiss, AC/DC, etc.. Parents were disco fans and pretty much is why I listen to mostly aggressive type musick . (Thrash, Punk, H/C, Metal, Drunk Rock, I'm not much into labeling these days but hopefully you get the hint) moving on .. my good friend Scott P. introduced me to a mix tape another good friend made of punk bands. I heard mixtapes of rap and dance stuff but never punk rock. I thought it was so brilliant that I wanted to start making my own mixes . Plus the lack of liking radio persuaded me to just listen to what I dig, and it wasn't on the radio. Working with a cheap little radio shack mixer, I just messing around in my garage for 5 years or so moving up from tapes to making seemless cd mixes for the ride to and from the daily grind.

I inquired a dj gig at a local bar and kept that flowing for 5, 6, years and decided to move on from the bar in 2012. I am the only live punk rock dj in the Antelope Valley far as I know. Dj shows before and between sets with the likes if Youth Brigade, Adolescents, the Grim, Face To Face, Strung Out, Old Man Markley, Jughead's Revenge, Don't No, Unglued, and also at the Punk Rock Museum in L.A., the Palmdale Pool Project's Desert Pool Duel, Psycho City Tattoo II, Joe Chaos famous Halloween party's, and more to come in 2013 !

SeaGod - "Animal Farm"

Seagod: A music deity associated with music or various type of music. Music deities are common on and are usually the most important among civilizations in which lack the great tunes we spin.

Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, With a skateboard always under feet, Punk was the fuel for the massive shredding that followed. Misfits, Illrepute, DoggyStyle, Minor Threat, Adolescents were just the few that got me hooked. It didnt Stop there, Many friends, different music types. Made me well adversed in many type of music. I claim to be the goofball of Stench. I play it all, well most. I do have certain limits. I figure late night folks want hard hitting fun!!! And That's what I bring. I bring you live shows with me on scene every now and then, and I am your drinking partner every Friday and Saturday night. My favorite word is "Fuck". It just goes well with anything, give it a shot. So Fucking tune into and have some fucking fun!!!!!

DJ_Fly'Zzzzz- "THE BzZzZzZzZzzzz Show"

DJ Flyzzz had come to know Stench Radio after promoting his band FLYS FUCKERS (punk/french hardcore) on their Internet radio station. Like needle and thread, he joined the Stench DJ team in 2014 . Through his show on Stench Radio he transmits his knowledge and especially his passion for punk, metal and hardcore European and world, old, current and future.

Al Quint - "Sonic Overload"

Al has been the host of Sonic Overload since 2000, originally broadcast on Allston-Brighton Free Radio until 2005 and transmitted from a secret location in Boston's suburbs ever since. He's also published Suburban Voice fanzine since 1982 and is a columnist for Maximum Rocknroll. He shares his life with his beautiful and patient wife Ellen, who has bravely put up with his musical obsessions for over 35 years.

BFT - "Deaf in the Desert"

Deaf in the Desert, hosted by Terry McGuinness (aka BFT), is a show featuring new and classic tunes from genres related to but not typically associated with the normal Stench Radio diet. Expect a lot of Doom, Stoner, Psych, and Drone, especially by local artists from the American southwest with an emphasis on the Palm Desert/lower Mojave areas.

About BFT

I'm originally from Florida; I relocated to Southern California in the late 70's and was able to immerse myself in the exploding music scene that was occurring at the time. In 1991 I resettled in the Hi-Desert, far from the crowd, but close enough to stay involved.

One day I got an email from someone named Stig Stench, asking me to come listen to his new internet radio station on Ustream. I was blown away by the quality of the interviews he was doing, and I've been hooked ever since. I now do "Deaf In The Desert" on Tuesdays here on Stench Radio and also do all the heavy rock programming on Radio Free Joshua Tree.

I am also behind HDU Promotions here in the Hi-Desert. So far, I've had the privilege to work with artists ranging from Stench Radio favorites like Jello Biafra, Rikk Agnew, The Gears, and Symbol Six, as well as acts from across the spectrum like Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Spindrift, and Bonfire Beach.



Godzilla is Buzzards son, who plays Punk, Ska, Oi!, and Psychobilly.

I grew up in Los Angeles skateboarding and listening to angry music. Skateboarding, fast music, booze and my family are my favorite things in life.

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