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Stench Radio features live DJs spinning punk rock and hardcore music. No loops, no pre-recorded playlists. Come listen in, join in our chat room where our punk rock community meets most every night of the week.

Broadcasting live over the Internet from Austin, TX, host Stig Stench plays punk bands from early 80's Los Angeles and Southern California, Bay Area, Austin, NYC, Boston - anywhere in America where there is Punk Rock! Oi!, Anarcho-Crust, Peace Punk and, when the mood hits, some Old School Crossover.

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Stench Radio has some sad news to report. We have lost our good friend and Stench Radio brother, Cary Griffith. He took over the station Friday nights with his "Old Fast and Loud" show, playing a lot of international hardcore and obscure punk rock gems. He was the librarian of Stench Radio and earned the nickname "Reverend Cary". He is terribly missed.

STENCHRADIO.COM is PROUD to announce that The Legendary Label Alternative Tentacles Records founded by Former Dead Kennedys Frontman and Now Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine leader Jello Biafra are now aligning to assault the airwaves and TORMENT THE STUPID! LOL! Thank you Dominic Davi! Alternative Tentacles Online Store

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Sylvia Juncosa Album Out Now

Our Webmaster Rocks!

Stig Stench is the vision and the face of Stench Radio, but you know what they say: behind every strong man is a strong woman - in this case a strong guitar-playing rocking out woman! Sylvia Juncosa built the Stench Radio site and has been with it since the very beginning. She's known on Stench Radio as "Sly-Jay", but known in the indie scene as the former SST artist and trail-blazing female guitarist Sylvia Juncosa. Our Sly-Jay has a new CD out called "Wanna Gotta". Check it out, folks! We will be doing a listening party show soon with Stig. In the meantime check out the Sylvia Juncosa Site and go get her CD on CDBaby.

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