Play Stench Radio on Mac

Currently the default music player on our page is Windows Media Player (WMP). WMP is installed by default on Windows machines. Mac users can download WMP from the following page on the Apple website:

Windows Media Player for Mac OSX

Another option is to listen to our station using another media player. If you wish to use I-Tunes, I-Tunes must be configured to play a Playlist file (our Playlist file is called listen.pls). Once it is configured I-Tunes will automatically open and stream the radio stream.

In the event that your system is not automatically recognizing ".pls" (playlist) files, you will need to DOWNLOAD the ".pls" file (from the WPFW streaming page). We suggest saving it to your desktop for easy access after download.

After download, check your desktop.. you should now have a "listen.pls" icon on it.

You can right or control-click the icon and tell your MAC what to open it with.


If you're using Firefox you'll get a window like below.

You can choose to save the file to your desktop or just open it with iTunes. iTunes will remember the stream in the library list. You may want to select the 'Do this automatically...' box before clicking OK

If you're using Internet Explorer stop using it and start using Safari or Firefox (or any other browser) Internet Explorer for the Mac has not been updated since 2001 and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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