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StenchRadio.com is a nightly Internet streaming radio broadcast featuring punk music. It stands out from the majority of Internet punk radio stations by having a live Net-J (Internet DJ), with no set playlist and a high degree of audience participation. (Come join the fun in our chat room!) StenchRadio.com was started by lead Net-J Stig Stench in April 2010. Within months the show had built up a regular listening audience and an impressive list of guest interviews. Show guests have included Greg Ginn of Black Flag, Don Bolles of the Germs, Jack Grisham of TSOL, Eerie von of SamHain, Milo of the Descendents and other true legends of punk rock, some of whom only rarely grant interviews these days. This is truly a unique station.

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Funeral Directors, Embalmers, and Gravediggaz!

This is the Stench Radio team. Stig Stench - Net-J, host, and founder of StenchRadio.com. Sylvia Juncosa aka "Sly-J" - website design and development. Echo Wanderer - streaming services specialist. Orion created that cool skull in the logo. Most of all though it is YOU the listeners who have made this station what it is. Thank you!

Stig Stench Sly-J Echo Wanderer

Who is Stig Stench?

Excerpt from Flipside magazine, Fall 2010 issue

What has the response been to starting up Stench Radio ?

Stig To be truthful I didn't expect this type of response. I did it because I couldn't find the type of punk radio show on the Net that I wanted. I mean I found "looped" and shows that are repeated and taped months ago, but not a "live" Internet Punk Rock Radio Show. I figured if I got 2 or 3 listeners, cool! But I have a plethora, NO! a cornucopia of listeners and incredible supporters. Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) and Sly-J (Sylvia Juncosa) helped put my little show on the map. Since then Greg Ginn (Black Flag), Ed Colver and Ron Goudie (Modern Warfare / Enigma Records) have given me their hand of support. SST is now sponsoring StenchRadio.com. Sly-J is my webmaster! Crazy! I have the best audience in the world! Listeners from LA to Texas all over the US, Belgium, Canada, UK, France, Russia and ... Missouri.

Are you a punk rocker?

I am Chief of my own tribe. I captain my own ship and I fall under no label. I happen to identify and relate to the passion and spirit that is punk rock. In my opinion that is not a genre or fad. It is a revolution and not to be trite but a state of mind that refuses to be quiet, but to be a voice of many generations. It is not a shop, a shoe, a tour or even a radio show. It is its own true energy.

Do you believe in love?

Love is what made me start this show. Love is what generates our soul to have passion for whatever it is we love to do. Our family, friends, our scene, our music. Love for my freedom is what keeps me from choking the shit out of anyone who annoys me. I love my wife, my daughter. I don't like a lot of people but I love the life that flows through people. Anyone who says "I don't believe in love" truly does not believe that. Anyone who does is either full of shit or six feet under the ground. Ok, that is all you're getting out of me. I'm beginning to sound like a hippie or the owner of a cheese shop.

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